Printing USA grown and milled cotton in Pennsylvania unfortunately means we cannot provide traditional wholesale pricing.

But for any businesses who would like to order 50 metres or more of one substrate we are trialing a 25% Discount.

To receive your discount, email and provide a brief description of your business with your location, website and social media handles.

We will provide you with a unique discount code.

Please note, is only applies to people ordering 50 metres or more of a single fabric type. You can order several different designs but you must have at least 50 metres of one fabric type (ie 50 Metres of Sateen, or 50 Metres of Broadcloth) in the one order.

Any orders that use the wholesale discount and are not 50 metres or more of a single fabric type will not be printed and the customer refunded.

Please note, Nerida Hansen Sewing Patterns are not for commercial use and cannot be purchased by businesses to make products.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Nerida sitting with Sunhat