You’ve been asking for more Holly Sanders, well here it is! Her upcoming collection, Learning on Country, is available as a pre-sale order from today until Sunday 25th July midnight.

Learning on Country is a celebration of the oldest education system in the world. The First Nations people have passed down learnings to their children through language, bush foods, medicines, Dreamings, Lore and Songlines for thousands of years. Holly’s work symbolises children learning on country, where education is designed and delivered on Country by Elders, Indigenous people, educators and communities.

Each design is available in three different fabric types – cotton linen, cotton sateen and mid-weight cotton. All will be available on our online store in October but now is your opportunity to guarantee the quantity and type of fabric you would like.  

For bulk purchases over 15 metres we have discounts as follow:

  • 15 metre roll = 20% off with Holly20
  • 30 metre roll = 30% off with Holly30
  • 45 metre roll = 40% off with Holly40
  • 60 metre roll and above = 50% off with Holly50

Pre-sale order details:

  • Only Holly’s Learning on Country design is currently available for pre-sale.
  • You must not put any other designs in your cart, customers who order pre-sale and other items, will be contacted to cancel to re-do order. 
  • Orders over 15 metres, will be shipped in 15 metre rolls any meterage between 15 metre increments will be received as a separate folded piece.
  • Fabric qty for pre-order only available in 1 metre increments.
  • Offer ends Sunday evening 25th July at midnight.
  • Expected delivery is early October.
  • Shipping time is approx. 8-9 weeks, any shipping delays out of our control will be relayed to our customers. 
  • Reprints of this design will be available but with global shipping delays, this is your only chance to guarantee delivery of the qty's you would like in October. 

Our happy helpers will stay in contact with regard to shipping delivery times.