Tara Reed - Inclusive, delightful, inspirational

Surface artist and illustrator, Tara Reed, describes herself as a cat-loving nerd and a big fan of Nancy Drew and Murder She Wrote. She has recently quit her day job to pour all her attention into drawing and loving it. I first connected with Tara at Surtex in New York 5 years ago, and little did I know how much I would fall in love with Tara’s artwork years later. Her colours essence and whimsical, playful patterns to me are pure magic.


Tara Reed Sitting At Desk

Tara found art through her mother, who was a watercolour artist when she was young. An extremely shy and introverted child,drawing and painting always made her feel "safe. Tara’s aunt was a textile artist in the 90's and that opened her up to a whole new world of possibilities. But it wasn't until she got her iPad Pro and the Procreate App a few years ago that surface design really clicke. It was like she had finally found her medium after all those years of trial and error with tons of different techniques.


Tara has been creating surface patterns for about six years. It was mainly just a passion project that gave her joy while working my 9 to 5 day job. I just recently quit that job to dedicate full time to making a living with her art and she has never been happier! 


Insomnia drives Tara to do so much of her creating in the wee hours of the night. She loves to put a nostalgic TV show on in the background and just sit and draw on her iPad for hours. She will likely rearrange elements and change the colours of my designs about a million times before she is satisfied. A smile on her face is a telling sign that a design is finished!


Tara Reed Pile of Fabric

Through her travels Tara has found endless inspiration in the beautiful colours and scenery she has seen in all the different places she has been. Her love of plants means she can easily find tons of inspiration in nature. She is also inspired by all of the incredible women around her and throughout history and strives to portray them as the strong resilient badass powerhouses that they are. 


Tara wants people to be seen and feel bold and empowered by my vibrant, large scale prints. She says “The thought of others having a positive reaction to my fabrics lights me up and makes me feel seen in the process”.

It is her dream to collaborate on any project that donates proceeds to a cause that will help people. It's so important to find connections with others who value human kindness; Black Lives Matter, equality for all - LQBTQIA rights, supporting womens causes, all highlight the importance of mental health, sustainability - Tara wants her art to bring joy and happiness and  to help people feel included. So she is a dream fit for my business in every way!


You can now purchase Tara’s beautiful fabrics at our USA print-on-demand store on 21 different substrates, many of which are organic cottons that are grown and milled in the USA. Follow Tara on Instagram


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