Who is Nerida Hansen?

Nerida sitting on natural fabrics with Sunhat

Nerida Hansen is an Australian creative & entrepreneur who has spent the last 25 years in fashion & design. Her experience is varied and includes her own fashion labels and a 2 year stints as a bedding buyer for kids and teens for a large Australian retailer.

Nerida’s life has been defined by her ability to execute wildly creative ideas. Her fabric empire was founded on her passion for textiles which was elevated after working for Target Australia as a junior bedding buyer.

During her time at the iconic Australian Retailer,  Nerida was exposed to the world of art licensing and has since never looked back. Her (back then) undiagnosed ADHD made it difficult to work in roles with restrictive creative boundaries, so she made her way in the world as a design agent.

After representing independent textile and surface artists at some of the worlds biggest design fairs in New York, Frankfurt and Paris Nerida soon found her artists work on fabrics in Australia, the USA and Europe in some of the worlds biggest fabric retailers.

Regardless of this early success, Nerida felt like there was still a big gap in the market for dress fabric designs and started curating a collection of digitally printed high quality Cotton Sateen and plain-woven cotton. Her first tiny range was a wild success, and so Nerida Hansen Fabrics was born.

Fast-track to the beginning of 2023 and Nerida Hansen will tell you she has been through it all. Covid created a huge demand for sewing and her brand, which now includes over 30 Sewing Patterns is an institution in Australia and abroad.

Nerida Hansen Throwing Fabric in the Air


Between her role as mum to two young teens and her favourite outdoor pursuits of skiing and surfing, Nerida is obsessed with her business. Throughout Covid she has grown a substantial following of sewers and fabric lovers worldwide with her collection of fabrics and sewing patterns.

Relentlessly in pursuit of executing ideas that are formulated through her lived industry experience, she is also the founder of Patternfield App, a digital platform for designers to connect with buyers of art and design worldwide.

In 2023, the Nerida Hansen brand is spreading its wings into the USA, where she has already stamped her place with licensed fabrics.  Along with her new US-based fabric printers, Nerida is launching into the print-on-demand market which brings together the finest US-grown & milled organic cottons with her exceptional portfolio of designs.

Nerida has also recently launched  “Indie Sewing Co”, a networking and teaching platform designed to connect like-minded sewers all over the world with professional teachers and peer-run networks.

"Everything I do in 2023 needs to focus around slowing down. My brand has new opportunity in Europe and the USA, but after such a tough few years I want to connect with people again. From a business point of view there is so much I would still like to achieve in regards to sourcing and sustainability, but for now, I want to focus on my fabrics playing a pivotal role in using sewing to bring communities together and raise awareness of how important slow fashion is. It is a really exciting phase".

You can now purchase Nerida Hansen fabrics through her website in Australia at www.neridahansen.com, and for the first time, purchase a fantastic range of incredible designs through her USA-Based website www.neridahansen.com

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